[Python-Dev] [RELEASE] Python 2.7.2

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at python.org
Sun Jun 12 19:57:20 CEST 2011

On behalf of the Python development team, I'm rosy to announce the immediate
availability of Python 2.7.2.

Since the release candidate 2 weeks ago, there have been 2 changes:
1. pyexpat.__version__ has be changed to be the Python version. 2. A regression
from 3.1.3 in the handling of comments in the netrc module has been
resolved. (see issue #12009).

2.7.2 is the second in bugfix release for the Python 2.7 series. 2.7 is the last
major verison of the 2.x line and will be receiving only bug fixes while new
feature development focuses on 3.x.

The 2.7 series includes many features that were first released in Python
3.1. The faster io module, the new nested with statement syntax, improved float
repr, set literals, dictionary views, and the memoryview object have been
backported from 3.1. Other features include an ordered dictionary
implementation, unittests improvements, a new sysconfig module, auto-numbering
of fields in the str/unicode format method, and support for ttk Tile in Tkinter.
For a more extensive list of changes in 2.7, see
http://doc.python.org/dev/whatsnew/2.7.html or Misc/NEWS in the Python

To download Python 2.7.2 visit:


The 2.7.2 changelog is at:


2.7 documentation can be found at:


This is a production release, please report any bugs to


Enjoy and for those in the northern hemisphere, have a nice summer!

Benjamin Peterson
Release Manager
benjamin at python.org
(on behalf of the entire python-dev team and 2.7.2's contributors)

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