[Python-Dev] Commit changelog: issue number and merges

Éric Araujo merwok at netwok.org
Wed May 11 18:38:53 CEST 2011

 Le 09/05/2011 19:54, R. David Murray a écrit :
>>> No it isn't.  The commit message isn't pulled into the new branch.
>>  Sorry, your terminology does not make sense.  If you mean that the
>>  commit message is not reused in the new commit after the merge, 
>> it’s
>>  true.  However, the commit message with the relevant information is
>>  available as part of the changesets that have been pulled and 
>> merged.
> The changesets are in the repository and there are pointers to them
> from the merge changeset, sure, but the data isn't in the checkout
> (that's how I understood "pulled in to the new branch").

 No commit message is ever in the checkout, so I don’t follow you.

> If I do 'hg log' and search for a revno (that I got from hg 
> annotate),
> the commit message describing the change is not attached to that 
> revno,

 Ah, I understand your problem now.  I would not object to a policy 
 requiring to put helpful information in merge changesets commit 
 messages, like “Merge fixes for #4444 and #5555” or “Merge doc fixes” 
 when there are no bug reports.

 I’m not sure about the “atomic” merge changesets idea that someone else 
 expressed; I don’t think it would be that useful.

> nor as far as I know is there a tool that makes it easy to get from 
> that
> revno to the explanatory commit message.  That's what Victor and I 
> are
> talking about.  Is there a tool that fixes this problem?

 I tend to use graphical tools for history viewing.  I like the GTK
 version of TortoiseHg, or failing that the graph displayed by “hg 
 if you enable the graphlog extension and use a browser with JavaScript.

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