[Python-Dev] Commit messages: please avoid temporal ambiguity

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed May 11 19:45:39 CEST 2011

On 5/11/2011 12:39 PM, Éric Araujo wrote:

> Funny, I always use the present tense, to convey what the code does now.

Which code ;-).

At the moment you write a push message, your private clone does 
something different from the public repository (and other private 
clones). At the moment people read a push message, they may not have 
pulled the change, so that there is a difference between the repository 
and *their* clone. Besides the ambiguity, there is also inconsistency 
between writers. Hence my request for a few clarifying keystrokes when 

Terry Jan Reedy

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