[Python-Dev] Inconsistent case in directory names for installed Python on Windows

Brian Curtin brian.curtin at gmail.com
Wed May 18 14:47:27 CEST 2011

On May 18, 2011 7:03 AM, "anatoly techtonik" <techtonik at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> While studying `virtualenv` code I've noticed that in Python directory
> tree `include`, `libs` and `tcl` are lowercased while other dirs are
> capitalized. It doesn't seem important (especially for developers
> here), but it still can leave an unpleasant image for people new to
> Python (and programming in general).

In theory there are probably a lot of things that might seem unpleasant but
are actually non-issues. I don't believe there have been any complaints
about actual unpleasantries with directory case.

> ├[Python27]
> │ ├─DLLs
> │ ├─Doc
> │ ├─include
> │ ├─Lib
> │ ├─libs
> │ ├─Scripts
> │ ├─tcl
> │ └─Tools
> How about making a consistent lowercased or uppercased scheme? Windows
> filesystems are case-insensitive, so the change shouldn't affect
> anybody.

Some Macs have case-sensitive file systems, and some people use
case-sensitive file systems on various flavors of UNIX. The change would
probably require a thorough look through the build chain.

> Another candidate for
> normalization is Tools/Scripts dir,
> which I'd lowercase FWIW:
> └─Tools
>  ├─i18n
>  ├─pynche
>  ├─Scripts
>  ├─versioncheck
>  └─webchecker
> Lowercased dirs on a top level seem to contains files that are
> relevant to C developers only. However, I can not say for sure. It
> seems that there could be a better place for them like top level
> directory named Dev or C-API.
> --
> anatoly t.

Overall I think it boils down to a cosmetic change that I'm not sure we need
to make, which could unnecessarily break people's work. -1
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