[Python-Dev] PyPy 1.7 - widening the sweet spot

Maciej Fijalkowski fijall at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 13:20:38 CET 2011

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 11:13 PM, Philip Jenvey <pjenvey at underboss.org> wrote:
> On Nov 22, 2011, at 12:43 PM, Amaury Forgeot d'Arc wrote:
>> 2011/11/22 Philip Jenvey <pjenvey at underboss.org>
>> One reason to target 3.2 for now is it's not a moving target. There's overhead involved in managing modifications to the pure python standard lib needed for PyPy, tracking 3.3 changes as they happen as well exacerbates this.
>> The plans to split the standard lib into its own repo separate from core CPython will of course help alternative implementations here.
>> I don't see how it would help here.
>> Copying the CPython Lib/ directory is not difficult, even though PyPy made slight modifications to the files, and even without any merge tool.
> Pulling in a separate stdlib as a subrepo under the PyPy repo would certainly make this whole process easier.
> But you're right, if we track CPython's default branch (3.3) we can make many if not all of the PyPy modifications upstream   (until the 3.3rc1 code freeze) instead of in PyPy's modified-3.x directory. Maintaining that modified-3.x dir after every resync can be tedious.
> --
> Philip Jenvey

The problem is not with maintaining the modified directory. The
problem was always things like changing interface between the C
version and the Python version or introduction of new stuff that does
not run on pypy because it relies on refcounting. I don't see how
having a subrepo helps here.

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