[Python-Dev] Long term development external named branches and periodic merges from python

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Mon Nov 28 21:47:55 CET 2011

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On 28/11/11 06:06, Nick Coghlan wrote:
>> So, in this context, if the tracker "create patch" diff from
>> BASE, it is not "safe" to merge changes from mainline to the
>> branch, because if so "create patch" would include code not
>> related to my work.
> No, "Create Patch" is smarter than that. What it does (or tries to
> do) is walk back through your branch history, trying to find the
> last point where you merged in a changeset that it recognises as
> coming from the main CPython repo. It then uses that revision of
> the CPython repo as the basis for the diff.

Oh, that sounds quite the right way. Clever.

> So if you're just working on a feature branch, periodically
> pulling from hg.python.org/cpython and merging from default, then
> it should all work fine.

So, my original question is answered as "yes, you can merge in changes
from mainline, and 'create patch' will work as it should".

Good!!. Thanks!!!.

>> Anybody knows the mercurial command used to implement "create
>> patch"?.
> It's not a single command - it's a short script MvL wrote that
> uses the Mercurial API to traverse the branch history and find an 
> appropriate revision to diff against.

Publish out somewhere would be useful, I guess. This is a problem I
have found in a few other projects. I can see even a modifier for "hg
diff" for a future mercurial version :-).

Could be implemented as a command line command using "revsets"?.
Propose a new revset to mercurial devels?

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