[Python-Dev] an alternative to embedding policy in PEP 418 (was: PEP 418: Add monotonic clock)

Cameron Simpson cs at zip.com.au
Tue Apr 3 10:43:05 CEST 2012

On 03Apr2012 09:03, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
| On 03/04/2012 07:03, Cameron Simpson wrote:
| > On 03Apr2012 07:51, Lennart Regebro<regebro at gmail.com>  wrote:
| > | I like the aim of letting the user control what clock it get, but I
| > | find this API pretty horrible:
| > |
| > |>    clock = get_clock(T_MONOTONIC|T_HIRES) or get_clock(T_MONOTONIC)
| >
| > FWIW, the leading "T_" is now gone, so it would now read:
| >
| >    clock = get_clock(MONOTONIC|HIRES) or get_clock(MONOTONIC)
| >
| > If the symbol names are not the horribleness, can you qualify what API
| > you would like more?
| I reckon the API is ok given that you don't have to supply the flags, 
| correct?

That's right. And if the monotonic() or monotonic_clock() functions
(or the hires* versions if suitable) do what you want you don't even
need that. You only need the "or" style to choose your own fallback
according to your own criteria.

| A small point but I'm with (I think) Terry Reedy and Steven D'Aprano in 
| that hires is an English word, could you please substitute highres and 
| HIGHRES, thanks.

I have the same issue and would be happy to do it. Victor et al, how do
you feel about this? People have been saying "hires" throughout the
threads I think, but I for one would be slightly happier with "highres".

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