[Python-Dev] Require loaders set __package__ and __loader__

Eric Snow ericsnowcurrently at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 23:15:06 CEST 2012

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 2:56 PM, Brett Cannon <brett at python.org> wrote:
> An open issue in PEP 302 is whether to require __loader__ attributes on
> modules. The claimed worry is memory consumption, but considering importlib
> and zipimport are already doing this that seems like a red herring.
> Requiring it, though, opens the door to people relying on its existence and
> thus starting to do things like loading assets with
> ``__loader__.get_data(path_to_internal_package_file)`` which allows code to
> not care how modules are stored (e.g. zip file, sqlite database, etc.).
> What I would like to do is update the PEP to state that loaders are expected
> to set __loader__. Now importlib will get updated to do that implicitly so
> external code can expect it post-import, but requiring loaders to set it
> would mean that code executed during import can rely on it as well.
> As for __package__, PEP 366 states that modules should set it but it isn't
> referenced by PEP 302. What I want to do is add a reference and make it
> required like __loader__. Importlib already sets it implicitly post-import,
> but once again it would be nice to do this pre-import.
> To help facilitate both new requirements, I would update the
> importlib.util.module_for_loader decorator to set both on a module that
> doesn't have them before passing the module down to the decorated method.
> That way people already using the decorator don't have to worry about
> anything and it is one less detail to have to worry about. I would also
> update the docs on importlib.util.set_package and importlib.util.set_loader
> to suggest people use importlib.util.module_for_loader and only use the
> other two decorators for backwards-compatibility.



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