[Python-Dev] netiquette on py-dev

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Apr 25 16:32:31 CEST 2012

On Apr 25, 2012, at 12:44 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Note that people who are really annoyed by the duplicates can set
>their Mailman accounts to no-dupes, and Mailman won't send the post to
>that person.  (This has its disadvantages in principle -- no List-*
>headers and other list-specific info -- and in implementation -- at
>best Mailman can change all your lists at one site, so you need to do
>this on every site you subscribe to.  But it's an option.)

Exactly.  My MUA has a reply-to-list that really only works if there's a
List-Post header.  If you reply to one of my list messages and include me in
the CC, I won't get the list copy so I won't get the List-Post header.  Then
my response back will include you in the CC.  I generally won't clean these
up, since it's *your* fault you're getting a dupe. :)

If you reply-to-list and don't CC me, then the copy I get will be the list
copy, which will have a List-Post header, and I'll also reply-to-list.  No
dupes in sight, just like this one.  SJT, FTW.


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