[Python-Dev] Assigning copyright...

stefan brunthaler s.brunthaler at uci.edu
Thu Apr 26 20:33:16 CEST 2012

Hello Mark,

> A URL for the code repository (with an open-source license),
> so code can be reviewed.
> It is hard to review and update a giant patch.

OK, I took Nick's advice to heart and created a fork from the official
cpython mirror on bitbucket. You can view the code patched  in
(branch: inca-only) under the following URL:

Since it is a fork, it contains the usual LICENSE from Python.

Regarding Eric's hint: It seems that this agreement needs to be signed
and mailed. Can I sign/scan and email it to somebody? (Or should I
wait until there is a decision regarding a potential integration?) The
way I understood Guido's last message it is best to use Apache 2
license without retaining my own copyright. I am perfectly fine with
that but am not sure if using the fork with sub-directories including
the official LICENSE takes care of that. Obviously, I don't have too
much experience in this area, so if I am missing something blatantly
obvious, I apologize beforehand...


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