[Python-Dev] Proposing "Argument Clinic", a new way of specifying arguments to builtins for CPython

Ulrich Eckhardt ulrich.eckhardt at dominolaser.com
Tue Dec 4 13:10:01 CET 2012

Am 03.12.2012 23:29, schrieb Larry Hastings:
[...autogen some code from special comment strings...]
>    /*[clinic]
>    dbm.open -> mapping
>    basename=dbmopen
>        const char *filename;
>            The filename to open.
>        const char *flags="r";
>            How to open the file.  "r" for reading, "w" for writing, etc.
>        int mode=0666;
>        default=0o666
>            If creating a new file, the mode bits for the new file
>            (e.g. os.O_RDWR).
>    Returns a database object.
>    [clinic]*/

Firstly, I like the idea. Even though this "autogenerate in-place" seems 
a bit strange at first, I don't think it really hurts in practice. Also, 
thanks for introducing me to the 'cog' tool, I think I'll use this now 
and then!

This also brings me to a single question I have for your proposal: Why 
did you create another DSL instead of using Python, i.e. instead of 
using cog directly? Looking at the above, I could imagine this being 
written like this instead:

import pycognize
with pycognize.function('dbmopen') as f:
                   doc='The filename to open',
                   doc='How to open the file.'



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