[Python-Dev] Emacs users: hg-tools-grep

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sun Dec 9 09:07:12 CET 2012

Am 08.12.2012 22:51, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> Hark fellow Emacsers.  All you unenlightened heathens can stop reading now.
> A few years ago, my colleague Jono Lange wrote probably the best little chunk
> of Emacs lisp ever.  `M-x bzr-tools-grep` lets you easily search a Bazaar
> repository for a case-sensitive string, providing you with a nice *grep*
> buffer which you can scroll through.  When you find a code sample you want to
> look at, C-c C-c visits the file and plops you right at the matching line.
> You *only* grep through files under version control, so you get to ignore
> generated files, and compilation artifacts, etc.
> Of course, this doesn't help you for working on the Python code base, because
> Mercurial.  I finally whipped up this straight up rip of Jono's code to work
> with hg.  I'm actually embarrassed to put a copyright on this thing, and would
> happily just donate it to Jono, drop it in Python's Misc directory, or slip it
> like a lump of coal into the xmas stocking of whoever wants to "maintain" it
> for the next 20 years.
> But anyway, it's already proven enormously helpful to me, so here it is.

Thanks, I'll definitely use this!


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