[Python-Dev] Draft PEP for time zone support.

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Dec 12 03:50:49 CET 2012

Great work, Lennart.  I really like this PEP.  Feedback follows (I haven't yet
read the rest of the messages in this thread ;).

On Dec 11, 2012, at 04:23 PM, Lennart Regebro wrote:

>This PEP proposes to add these ``is_dst`` parameters to the relevant methods
>of the ``datetime`` API, and therefore add this functionality directly to
>``datetime``. This is likely the hardest part of this PEP as this
>involves updating

Oops, something got cut off there.

>The new ``timezone``-module
>The public API of the new ``timezone``-module contains one new class, one new
>function and one new exception.

Why add a new module instead of putting all this into the existing datetime
module, either directly or as a submodule?  Seems like the obvious place to
put it instead of claiming another top-level module name.

>* New class: ``DstTzInfo``
>  This class provides a concrete implementation of the ``zoneinfo`` base
>  class that implements DST support.

Is this a subclass of datetime.tzinfo?

>* New function :``get_timezone(name=None, db=None)``
>  This function takes a name string that must be a string specifying a
>  valid zoneinfo timezone, ie "US/Eastern", "Europe/Warsaw" or "Etc/GMT+11".
>  If not given, the local timezone will be looked up. If an invalid zone name
>  are given, or the local timezone can not be retrieved, the function raises
>  `UnknownTimeZoneError`.
>  The function also takes an optional path to the location of the zoneinfo
>  database which should be used. If not specified, the function will check if
>  the `timezonedata` module is installed, and then use that location or
>  otherwise use the database in ``/usr/share/zoneinfo``.

I'm bikeshedding, but can we find a better name than `db` for the second
argument?  Something that makes it obvious we're looking for file system path?

>* New Exception: ``UnknownTimeZoneError``

I'd really like to see a TimeZoneError base class from which all these new
exceptions inherit.

>A new ``is_dst`` parameter is added to several of the `tzinfo` methods to
>handle time ambiguity during DST changeovers.
>* ``tzinfo.utcoffset(self, dt, is_dst=True)``

I lied a little bit - I did skim the other messages, so I'll reserve comment
on the default value of is_dst for follow ups.

>* ``AmbiguousTimeError``
>* ``NonExistentTimeError``

I'm not positive we need separate exceptions here, but I guess it can't hurt,
and with the base class idea above, we can catch both either explicitly, or by
catching the base class.
>The ``timezonedata``-package

Just to be clear, this doesn't expose any new modules, right?

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