[Python-Dev] http://pythonmentors.com/

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Feb 13 04:22:41 CET 2012

Eli Bendersky writes:

 > Well, I think the situation is pretty good now.

I agree, but improvement is always possible.

 > If one goes to python.org and is interested in contributing,
 > clicking on the "Core Development" link is a sensible step, right? 

Maybe.  But a lot of the "Core Dev" links I've seen are maintained by
and for incumbent core devs, and are somewhat intimidating for new
users and developers.

How about moving the About | Getting Started link to the top level and
giving it a set of links like

- Standalone Scripting
- Extending Apps Using Python as Extension Language
- Developing Apps in Python (this is what I think of when I read the
  current Getting Started with Python page, FWIW YMMV)
- Developing Library Modules to Extend Python
- Developing Python (there's work you can do, too!)

This is similar to the existing About | Getting Started page, but more
accessible (in the sense of being an index, rather than a more verbose
description containing scattered links).  I think most of them can go
to existing pages.

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