[Python-Dev] folding cElementTree behind ElementTree in 3.3

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Feb 20 00:12:33 CET 2012

> The change of backing ElementTree by cElementTree has already been
> implemented in the default branch (3.3) by Florent Xicluna with careful
> review from me and others. etree has an extensive (albeit a bit clumsy)
> set of tests which keep passing successfully after the change. 

I just noticed an incompatible change: xml.etree.ElementTree.Element
used to be a type, but is now a function.

> In the past couple of years Florent has been the de-facto maintainer of
> etree in the standard library, although I don't think he ever
> "committed" to keep maintaining it for years to come. Neither can I make
> this commitment, however I do declare that I will do my best to keep the
> library functional, and I also plan to work on improving its
> documentation and cleaning up some of the accumulated cruft in its
> implementation. I also have all the intentions to take the blame if
> something breaks. 

Would you mind adding yourself to



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