[Python-Dev] usefulness of Python version of threading.RLock

Matt Joiner anacrolix at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 01:10:17 CET 2012

_PyRLock is not used directly. Instead, no _CRLock is provided, so the
threading.RLock function calls _PyRLock.

It's done this way because green threading libraries may only provide a
greened lock. _CRLock in these contexts would not work: It would block the
entire native thread.

I suspect that if you removed _PyRLock, these implementations would have to
expose their own RLock primitive which works the same way as the one just
removed from the standard library. I don't know if this is a good thing.

I would recommend checking with at least the gevent and eventlet developers.

2012/1/7 Charles-François Natali <neologix at free.fr>

> Thanks for those precisions, but I must admit it doesn't help me much...
> Can we drop it? A yes/no answer will do it ;-)
> > I'm pretty sure the Python version of RLock is in use in several
> alternative
> > implementations that provide an alternative _thread.lock. I think gevent
> > would fall into this camp, as well as a personal project of mine in a
> > similar vein that operates on python3.
> Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Do those projects use _PyRLock directly?
> If yes, then aliasing it to _CRLock should do the trick, no?

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