[Python-Dev] Status of the fix for the hash collision ulnerability

Hynek Schlawack hs at ox.cx
Sun Jan 15 13:15:05 CET 2012

Am Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012 um 05:49 schrieb Steven D'Aprano:
> > I don't think anyone doubts that this will break lots of code (at least,
> > the arguments I've heard have been "their code is broken", not "nobody does
> > that").
> I don't know about "lots" of code, but it will break at least one library (or 
> so I'm told):
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2012-January/1286535.html
Sadly, suds is also Python's _only_ usable SOAP library at this moment. :( (on top of that, the development is in limbo ATM)

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