[Python-Dev] Sphinx version for Python 2.x docs

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Tue Jan 17 20:33:30 CET 2012

Am 17.01.2012 19:02, schrieb Sandro Tosi:

>> I should have given more info, as I wanted the opposite result :)
>> file.next should not link to the next function but to the file.next
>> method.  Because Sphinx does not differentiate between
>> meth/func/class/mod roles, :meth:`next` is not resolved to the nearest
>> next method as one could expect but to the next function, so we have to
>> use :meth:`~SomeClass.next` or :meth:`.next` (local ref markup) to get
>> our links to methods.
> I tried :meth:`.next` but got a lots of :
> /home/morph/cpython/py27/Doc/library/stdtypes.rst:2372: WARNING: more
> than one target found for cross-reference u'next': iterator.next,
> multifile.MultiFile.next, csv.csvreader.next, dbhash.dbhash.next,
> mailbox.oldmailbox.next, ttk.Treeview.next, nntplib.NNTP.next,
> file.next, bsddb.bsddbobject.next, tarfile.TarFile.next,
> generator.next
> so I ended up with :meth:`next` but it was still wrong. I've committed
> 51e11b4937b7 which uses :meth:`~file.next` instead, and it works.

No need to try, just read the docs :)

`next` looks in the current (class, then module) namespaces.
`.next` looks everywhere, so the match must be unique.
So for something as common as "next", an explicit `file.next` is


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