[Python-Dev] Counting collisions for the win

Ethan Furman ethan at stoneleaf.us
Fri Jan 20 20:27:07 CET 2012

Donald Stufft wrote:
> Even if a MemoryException is raised I believe that is still a 
> fundamental change in the documented contract of dictionary API. I don't 
> believe there is a way to fix this without breaking someones 
> application. The major differences I see between the two solutions is 
> that counting will break people's applications who are otherwise 
> following the documented api contract of dictionaries, and randomization 
> will break people's applications who are violating the documented api 
> contract of dictionaries. 
> Personally I feel that the lesser of two evils is to reward those who 
> followed the documentation, and not reward those who didn't.
> So +1 for Randomization as the only option in 3.3, and off by default 
> with a flag or environment variable in bug fixes. I think it's the only 
> way to proceed that won't hurt people who have followed the documented 
> behavior.



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