[Python-Dev] Switching to Visual Studio 2010

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Jan 29 23:57:36 CET 2012

>     I... I think I might have already done this, inadvertently.  I
>     needed an x64 VS2010 debug build of Subversion/APR*/Python a few
>     weeks ago -- forgetting the fact that we're still on VS2008.

There is a lot of duplication of work going on here: at least four
people have done the same. The more people duplicate the work, the
more urgent it apparently becomes that the trunk switches "officially".

>   * Three new buildbot scripts:
>         - build-amd64-vs10.bat
>         - clean-amd64-vs10.bat
>         - external-amd64-vs10.bat

When we switch, these should actually replace the current ones, rather
than being additions.

>     So, I guess my question is, is that work useful?

Perhaps not, given that several other copies of that to draw from may
exist. OTOH, I haven't heard anybody reporting these specific changes.
In any case, it's now in Brian's hand.


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