[Python-Dev] Python 3 optimizations, continued, continued again...

stefan brunthaler stefan at brunthaler.net
Mon Jan 30 20:06:44 CET 2012


> Could you try benchmarking with the "standard" benchmarks:
> http://hg.python.org/benchmarks/
> and see what sort of performance gains you get?
Yeah, of course. I already did. Refere to the page listed below for
details. I did not look into the results yet, though.

> How portable is the threaded interpreter?
Well, you can implement threaded code on any machine that support
indirect branch instructions. Fortunately, GCC supports the
"label-as-values" feature, which makes it available on any machine
that supports GCC. My optimizations themselves are portable, and I
tested them on a PowerPC for my thesis, too. (AFAIR, llvm supports
this feature, too.)

> Do you have a public repository for the code, so we can take a look?
I have created a patch (as Benjamin wanted) and put all of the
resources (i.e., benchmark results and the patch itself) on my home


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