[Python-Dev] Python 3 optimizations, continued, continued again...

stefan brunthaler s.brunthaler at uci.edu
Tue Jan 31 16:33:15 CET 2012

> I assume "yes" here means "yes, I'm aware" and not "yes, I'm using Python
> 2", right? And you're building on top of the existing support for threaded
> code in order to improve it?
Your assumption is correct, I'm sorry for the sloppiness (I was
heading out for lunch.) None of the code is 2.x compatible, all of my
work has always targeted Python 3.x. My work does not improve threaded
code (as in interpreter dispatch technique), but enables efficient and
purely interpretative inline caching via quickening. (So, after
execution of BINARY_ADD, I rewrite the specific occurence of the
bytecode instruction to a, say, FLOAT_ADD instruction and ensure that
my assumption is correct in the FLOAT_ADD instruction.)


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