[Python-Dev] Python 3 optimizations, continued, continued again...

stefan brunthaler s.brunthaler at uci.edu
Tue Jan 31 16:46:04 CET 2012

> If I read the patch correctly, most of it is auto-generated (and there
> is probably a few spurious changes that blow it up, such as the
> python-gdb.py file).

Hm, honestly I don't know where the python-gdb.py file comes from, I
thought it came with the switch from 3.1 to the tip version I was
using. Anyways, I did not tuch it or at least have no recollection of
doing so. Regarding the spurious changes: This might very well be,
regression testing works, and it would actually be fairly easy to
figure out crashes (e.g., by tracing all executed bytecode
instructions and seeing if all of them are actually executed, I could
easily do that if wanted/necessary.)

> But the tool that actually generates the code
> doesn't seem to be included?  (Which means that in this form, the
> patch couldn't possibly be accepted.)
Well, the tool is not included because it does a lot more (e.g.,
generate the code for elimination of reference count operations.)
Unfortunately, my interpreter architecture that achieves the highest
speedups is more complicated, and I got the feeling that this is not
going well with python-dev. So, I had the idea of basically using just
one (but a major one) optimization technique and going with that. I
don't see why you would need my code generator, though. Not that I
cared, but I would need to strip down and remove many parts of it and
also make it more accessible to other people. However, if python-dev
decides that it wants to include the optimizations and requires the
code generator, I'll happily chip in the extra work an give you the
corresponding code generator, too.


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