[Python-Dev] Switching to Visual Studio 2010

Trent Nelson trent at snakebite.org
Sun Jan 29 21:23:14 CET 2012

On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 12:54:31PM -0800, martin at v.loewis.de wrote:
> > Is this considered a new feature that has to be in by the first beta?
> > I'm hoping to have it completed much sooner than that so we can get
> > mileage on it, but is there a cutoff for changing the compiler?
> At some point, I'll start doing this myself if it hasn't been done by
> then, and I would certainly want the build process adjusted (with
> all buildbots updated) before beta 1.

    I... I think I might have already done this, inadvertently.  I
    needed an x64 VS2010 debug build of Subversion/APR*/Python a few
    weeks ago -- forgetting the fact that we're still on VS2008.

    By the time I got to building Python, I'd already coerced everything
    else to use VS2010, so I just bit the bullet and coerced Python to
    use it too, including updating all the buildbot scripts and relevant
    externals to use VS2010, too.

    Things that immediately come to mind as potentially being useful:

  * Three new buildbot scripts:
        - build-amd64-vs10.bat
        - clean-amd64-vs10.bat
        - external-amd64-vs10.bat

  * Updates to externals/(tcl|tk)-8.5.9.x so that they both build with
    VS2010.  This was a tad fiddly.  I ended up creating makefile.vs10
    from win/makefile.vc and encapsulating the changes there, then
    calling that from the buildbot *-vs10.bat scripts.  I had to change
    win/rules.vc, too.

  * A few other things I can't remember off the top of my head.

    So, I guess my question is, is that work useful?  Based on Martin's
    original list, it seems to check a few boxes.

    Brian, what are your plans?  Are you going to continue working in
    hg.python.org/sandbox/vs2010port then merge everything over when
    ready?  I have some time available to work on this for the next
    three weeks or so and would like to help out.



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