[Python-Dev] Issue 15295: New import documentation

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jul 28 01:10:41 CEST 2012

Back when Eric, Jason, and I sprinted on the PEP 420 implementation, I
threatened to actually document how the import machinery worked, updating and
reorganizing to include the new PEP 420 protocols.  Issue 15295 tracks this:


I now have a first draft of the new import machinery documentation.  This
refactors the import statement docs, moving everything concerning the finding
and loading of modules into a separate language reference section.  The import
statement section then only describes the name binding operations that occur
after the module has been loaded.

I've also added a bunch of new glossary terms, and updated documentation and
code related to the importlib ABCs.

Everything lives in the features/pep-420 clone, in the importdocs branch:


I really don't want to extract a patch for the tracker issue, since that will
be much less convenient to update with the inevitable deluge of corrections
I'm sure I'll get <wink>.  Please do review the updated documentation, and
send comments either here or in the tracker issue.  Given Python's release
schedule and my own summer schedule, review is fairly urgent.

OTOH, this is just documentation, so if Georg agrees, and the changes look
mostly sane, then I can commit it and we can fix up the nits later.  Either
way, I'd like to commit the docs by mid-next week at the latest (so after rc1

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