[Python-Dev] Open PEPs and large-scale changes for 3.3

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Tue May 1 13:57:50 CEST 2012

With 3.3a3 tagged and the beta stage currently 2 months away, I would like
to draw your attention to the following list of possible features for 3.3
as specified by PEP 398:

Candidate PEPs:

* PEP 362: Function Signature Object
* PEP 395: Qualified Names for Modules
* PEP 397: Python launcher for Windows
* PEP 402: Simplified Package Layout (likely a new PEP derived from it) --
  I assume PEP 420 is a candidate for that?
* PEP 405: Python Virtual Environments
* PEP 421: Adding sys.implementation
* PEP 3143: Standard daemon process library
* PEP 3144: IP Address manipulation library
* PEP 3154: Pickle protocol version 4

Other planned large-scale changes:

* Addition of the "regex" module
* Email version 6
* A standard event-loop interface (PEP by Jim Fulton pending)
* Breaking out standard library and docs in separate repos?

Benjamin: I'd also like to know what will become of PEP 415.

If anyone feels strongly about one of these items, please get ready to
finalize and implement it well before June 23 (beta 1), or we have to
discuss about adding another alpha.

Also, if I missed any obvious candidate PEP or change, please let me know.


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