[Python-Dev] problems building python2.7

Petri Lehtinen petri at digip.org
Fri Nov 9 12:10:42 CET 2012

Chris Withers wrote:
> On 09/11/2012 10:52, Michael Foord wrote:
> >
> >>However, I can't find the python it's built...
> >
> >It should be python.exe (yes really).
> Hah! Should http://docs.python.org/devguide/ be updated to reflect
> this or does this only affect Mac OS? (or should we correct the
> build so it doesn't spit out a .exe?)

The filesystem on Mac OS X is case-insensitive by default, so plain
"python" would clash with the "Python" directory.

> >After the build you should be able to do:
> >
> >	./python.exe
> Unfortunately, still:
> buzzkill:cpython chris$ ./python.exe -m test -j3
> /Users/chris/LocalHG/cpython/python.exe: No module named
> test.__main__; 'test' is a package and cannot be directly executed
> [18856 refs]

You're running the tests for Python 2, so the corret way to do it is:

  ./python.exe -m test.regrtest

See http://docs.python.org/devguide/runtests.html#running .

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