[Python-Dev] Generally bored by installation

Eli Bendersky eliben at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 14:34:37 CET 2012

>    Christian, I feel your pain. Everyone does, I am sure. Who among us
> never cursed that dratted computers? Those dirty rotten things that
> always hang due to bugs in drivers or whatnot, require constant
> cleaning, mending, upgrading, repairing, debugging. Condemn that magical
> mouse gestures, be cursed those magical incantations. Who in his normal
> mind would ever think of writing things like
> exec find . \( -type d \( -name CVS -o -name .svn -o -name .hg -o -name
> .git -o -path ./.mozilla/\*/Cache/\* -o -path ./tmp/\* \) -prune \) -o
> -type f -exec grep -I "$@" '{}' \+ 2>/dev/null
>    ???!!!
Use pss ;-) [http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pss]

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