[Python-Dev] New Contributor Experience in Python and other FOSS Communities - A Survey

Brian Curtin brian at python.org
Mon Nov 19 16:01:44 CET 2012

Hi all,

Along with a number of other free and open communities, Python is
being included in a survey of new contributors since January 2010. The
survey is being done by Kevin Carillo, a PhD student at Victoria
University of Wellington who is studying various approaches that
projects use to gain and work with new contributors.

If you have written patches, reviewed issues, or done anything to
contribute to the development of Python and you started this after
January 2010, I hope you can spare around 20 minutes to complete this
survey: https://limesurvey.sim.vuw.ac.nz/index.php?sid=65151&lang=en

There's a longer blog post up at
if you would like a bit more information.

On behalf of Kevin Carillo, I thank you for your time and
consideration of this survey.

Brian Curtin

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