[Python-Dev] Edits to Metadata 1.2 to add extras (optional ependencies)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Sep 1 06:55:11 CEST 2012

"Martin v. Löwis" writes:

 > Unfortunately, this conflicts with the desire to use UTF-8 in attribute
 > values - RFC 822 (and also 2822) don't support this, but require the
 > use oF MIME instead (Q or B encoding).

This can be achieved simply by extending the set of characters
permitted, as MIME did for message bodies.  I'd be cautious about RFC
5335, not just because it's experimental, but because there may be
other requirements we don't want to mess with.  (If RDM says
otherwise, listen to him.  I just know the RFC exists.)

 > RFC 2822 also has a continuation line semantics which traditionally 
 > conflicts with the metadata; in particular, line breaks cannot be 
 > represented (but are interpreted as continuation lines instead).

Of course line breaks can be represented, without any further change
to RFC 2822.  Just use Unicode LINE SEPARATOR.  You could even do it
within ASCII by adhering strictly to RFC 2822 syntax which interprets
continuation lines by removing exactly the CRLF pair.  Just use ASCII
TAB as the field separator.

There's a final dodge that occurs to me: the semantics you're talking
about are *lexical* semantics in the RFC 2822 context (line unfolding
and RFC 2047 decoding).  We could possibly in the context of the email
module treat Metadata as an intermediate post-lexical-decoding
pre-syntactic-analysis representation.  I don't know if that makes
sense in the context of using email module facilities to parse


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