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Mail Gateway Help
Incoming messages are examined for multiple parts:
 . In a multipart/mixed message or part, each subpart is extracted and
   examined. The text/plain subparts are assembled to form the textual
   body of the message, to be stored in the file associated with a "msg"
   class node. Any parts of other types are each stored in separate files
   and given "file" class nodes that are linked to the "msg" node.
 . In a multipart/alternative message or part, we look for a text/plain
   subpart and ignore the other parts.
 . A message/rfc822 is treated similar tomultipart/mixed (except for
   special handling of the first text part) if unpack_rfc822 is set in
   the mailgw config section.

The "summary" property on message nodes is taken from the first non-quoting
section in the message body. The message body is divided into sections by
blank lines. Sections where the second and all subsequent lines begin with
a ">" or "|" character are considered "quoting sections". The first line of
the first non-quoting section becomes the summary of the message.

All of the addresses in the To: and Cc: headers of the incoming message are
looked up among the user nodes, and the corresponding users are placed in
the "recipients" property on the new "msg" node. The address in the From:
header similarly determines the "author" property of the new "msg"
node. The default handling for addresses that don't have corresponding
users is to create new users with no passwords and a username equal to the
address. (The web interface does not permit logins for users with no
passwords.) If we prefer to reject mail from outside sources, we can simply
register an auditor on the "user" class that prevents the creation of user
nodes with no passwords.

The subject line of the incoming message is examined to determine whether
the message is an attempt to create a new item or to discuss an existing
item. A designator enclosed in square brackets is sought as the first thing
on the subject line (after skipping any "Fwd:" or "Re:" prefixes).

If an item designator (class name and id number) is found there, the newly
created "msg" node is added to the "messages" property for that item, and
any new "file" nodes are added to the "files" property for the item.

If just an item class name is found there, we attempt to create a new item
of that class with its "messages" property initialized to contain the new
"msg" node and its "files" property initialized to contain any new "file"

Both cases may trigger detectors (in the first case we are calling the
set() method to add the message to the item's spool; in the second case we
are calling the create() method to create a new node). If an auditor raises
an exception, the original message is bounced back to the sender with the
explanatory message given in the exception.
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