[Python-Dev] Snakebite v0.1: ready for beta testing.

Trent Nelson trent at snakebite.org
Tue Sep 11 14:20:01 CEST 2012

    Quick start:

% cd ~ && svn co http://svn.snakebite.net/.snakebite && cd .snakebite && sh snakebite.subr

    If all goes well, you should see something like this:

A    .snakebite/snakebite.subr
A    .snakebite/ssh_config_ext
A    .snakebite/ssh_known_hosts
 U   .snakebite
Checked out revision 58.
Created link for 'sb'.
Created link for 'sbx'.
Created link for 'sby'.
Created link for 'sbctl'.
Fixed permissions for /Users/Trent/.snakebite/snakebite.subr.
The following commands can now be executed directly:
Testing connection.........done.
Getting a list of your projects...done.
Looking up your username for project 'cpython'...done.
Getting project details for 'trent.nelson at cpython'...done.
Setting current project to 'cpython'...done.
Trent, you're now configured for cpython.  Enjoy!
|            Available Hosts            |
|  (Last Update: 2012-09-11 11:08:01Z)  |
| Alias |         OS         |   Arch   |
|     a7|AIX 7.1             |  Power4  |
|     d3|DragonFlyBSD 3.0.2  |   x64    |
|    d3x|DragonFlyBSD 3.0.2  |   x86    |
|     h2|HP-UX 11iv2         | PA-RISC  |
|     h3|HP-UX 11iv3         | Itanium2 |
|     i6|IRIX 6.5.30         |   MIPS   |
|    n51|NetBSD 5.1.2        |   x64    |
|   n51x|NetBSD 5.1.2        |   x86    |
|   o51x|OpenBSD 5.1         |   x86    |
|    o51|OpenBSD 5.1         |   x64    |
|    s10|Solaris 10          |  SPARC   |
|     s9|Solaris 9           |  SPARC   |
Enter alias: 

    Simply enter any of the aliases in the table and it'll ssh you into
    that box as cpython@, i.e.:

Enter alias: a7
AIX arsenic 1 7 000BF95F4C00

    :::.     :::::::..    .::::::. .,::::::  :::.    :::.  :::    .,-:::::  
    ;;`;;    ;;;;``;;;;  ;;;`    ` ;;;;''''  `;;;;,  `;;;  ;;;  ,;;;'````'  
   ,[[ '[[,   [[[,/[[['  '[==/[[[[, [[cccc     [[[[[. '[[  [[[  [[[         
  c$$$cc$$$c  $$$$$$c      '''    $ $$""""     $$$ "Y$c$$  $$$  $$$         
   888   888, 888b "88bo, 88b    dP 888oo,__   888    Y88  888  `88bo,__,o, 
   YMM   ""`  MMMM   "W"   "YMmMY"  """"YUMMM  MMM     YM  MMM    "YUMMMMMP"

                                 AIX 7.1
                       IBM IntelliStation 9114-275
                          2 x 1.4GHz Power4 CPUs
                         2 x 2Gbps LP9802 FC HBAs
                            8GB RAM, 4 x 36GB

[cpython at arsenic]~% 

    General notes:

        - Almost all of the hosts have a corresponding cpython build slave,
          which always lives in ~/buildslave.

        - You're more than welcome to set up local builds on each box.
          Keep everything in ~/hg.  Some hosts already have a ~/hg dir,
          others don't.  The layout should be:


          If they don't exist, feel free to create them.  It's going to
          be easiest to just clone the corresponding build directory
          from ~/buildslave, i.e. if you want a local 3.x area but no
          ~/hg/3.x exists:

            % cd ~/hg
            % hg clone ~/buildslave/3.x-*/build 3.x

          Once a base repo has been created, you can clone a local copy:
            hg clone 3.x 3.x.trent.issue2811

          Try follow that naming convention as it'll make it easier for
          other developers to figure out what each directory is for.

          Also, try and keep tabs on local builds and remove things you
          don't need once you're done.  I haven't finished hooking up
          the SAN yet so everything is on local disks at the moment;
          disk space is a bit light in some places.

        - If you're not used to vi shell key bindings, you're going to
          have a bad time :-)

        - Almost all of the hosts (except for the *BSDs) have been set
          up to use a common ~/.zsh and ~/.vim:
          They're both based on random dotfile hacking I've done over
          the years and are far from elegant -- so, suggestions welcome.

    If I'm awake and working, I'll be on #python-dev, so that'll be the
    best place to get me if you need immediate assistance.

    So, log in and have a play around!  Oh, X11 forwarding works, too,
    just invoke `sbx` (or `sby`) instead of `sb` and it'll invoke ssh
    with -X or -Y respectively.   All the proprietary UNIX hosts have
    X11 installed, complete with glorious circa-late-nineties Motif
    eye candy.

    For those looking for tangible things to do... take a look at the
    current buildslaves with [SB] in the name -- almost all of them are
    failing in some way/shape/form, so there's plenty of stuff to get
    your teeth stuck into :-)


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