[Python-Dev] What code in Python creates .exe launchers for 'entry_points' in 'setup.py'?

Grigory Petrov grigory.v.p at gmail.com
Mon Apr 1 22:51:21 CEST 2013


On Windows, 'setuptools' and 'distribute' package systems allows to add
'entry_points' definition into 'setup.py' python distribution script. For
each entry in this definition, some kind of bootstrapper '.exe' file will
be created and placed into 'Scripts' python dir. For example, if i install
'pip' via 'setup.py', a file named 'pip.exe' will be created and placed
into 'C:\Python27\Scripts'.

But what python code is responsible for creation of this bootstrapper
executables? I have searched python 2.7.3 source code for some time, but
can't find a place. Of course i can spend lots of time to debug 'setup.py'
installation (really lots of source code), but maybe someone just knows the
place and can pinpoint it?
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