[Python-Dev] enum discussion: can someone please summarize open issues?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Apr 29 06:42:37 CEST 2013

Ethan Furman writes:

 > I would hope that you would pay more attention to my arguments and
 > rationale than to poorly chosen names.

I do.  Nevertheless, it requires conscious effort.  It's quite
appropriate for you to ask that of me, but ... do you think you're
doing Python any good to ask more effort of Guido?  (Assuming he needs
it, of course -- I'm just conjecturing that the form of your examples
may make the whole thing less persuasive for him.  But of course he
has advantages, being Dutch and all.... :-)

 > The way English does things is not the only way things are done.

I am nearly-native fluent in Japanese[1] -- I know better than most
people just how differently things *can* be done.  That doesn't help
much with the effort gradient in English, though.

[1]  Even my 15-year-old daughter admits that, so it must be true.

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