[Python-Dev] (New) PEP 446: Make newly created file descriptors non-inheritable

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 02:11:17 CEST 2013


I fixed various bugs in the implementation of the (new) PEP 446:

At revision da685bd67524, the full test suite pass on:

- Fedora 18 (Linux 3.9), x86_64
- FreeBSD 9.1, x86_64
- Windows 7 SP1, x86_64
- OpenIndiana (close to Solaris 11), x86_64

Some tests are failing, but these failures are unrelated to the PEP
446 (same tests are failing in the original Python):

- Windows: test_signal, failure related to faulthandler (issue already
fixed in default)
- OpenIndiana: test_locale, test_uuid


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