[Python-Dev] hg verify warnings

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 17:12:51 CEST 2013

>>>> warning: copy source of 'Modules/_threadmodule.c' not in parents of 60ad83716733
>>>> warning: copy source of 'Objects/bytesobject.c' not in parents of 64bb1d258322
>>>> warning: copy source of 'Objects/stringobject.c' not in parents of 357e268e7c5f

> I've seen this once already (with another big repository).  The
> problem I had was only these warnings when running "hg verify", and it
> was fixed by simply checking out a new copy of the repository.  It
> seems that you have the same problem: for example my own copy of
> CPython doesn't show any warning in "hg verify".

Try running "hg verify -v" - these warnings only appear when verify is
run in verbose mode.

> I've deleted my slightly-broken repo by then (as it was already
> several years old I suspected an old version of mercurial).  Maybe I
> shouldn't have.  How about you send your repository to the Mercurial
> bug tracker?

Other people already have, for other projects.  The developers don't
care much; e.g.,


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