[Python-Dev] Python 3 is five years old

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Wed Dec 4 15:38:44 CET 2013

On 2008-12-03, Python 3.0.0 was released by Barry. I was actually on IRC
the night when it happened, with Guido leaving his office across the hall
from mine. We gave each other a high-five and then we both went home. Not
exactly a party, but I know I at least breathed a sigh of relief that
Python 3 was finally real.

On this anniversary I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to
making Python 3 happen. Thanks to the core devs who worked hard to make
Python better for everyone, even in the face of people yelling at us that
we were crazy, killing Python, etc. Thanks to those in the community who
stuck by the dev team and had faith we knew what we were doing and have
continued to help everyone move forward and off of Python 2 to realize how
much more pleasant Python 3 is to work with.

At this point I'm willing to say I'm happy with how Python 3 has turned out
and how the community has supported it. Python 3.3 was a great release and
I think Python 3.4 will be as well. I see no reason to think that the
language and community's forward momentum will not continue, leading to a
day where Python 2 only exists for people stuck on RHEL. =)
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