[Python-Dev] Question regarding: Lib/_markupbase.py

Developer Developer just_another_developer at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 11 15:47:00 CET 2013

Same thing in the function: "_parse_doctype_attlist":

if ")" in rawdata[j:]:
    j = rawdata.find(")", j) + 1
    return -1

I would change it to:
pos = rawdata.find(")", j)
if pos != -1:
    j = pos + 1
    return -1

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On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 7:16 AM, Developer Developer
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> Wouldn't it be better to do the following?
> Otherwise I think we are scanning rawdata[j:] twice.

Yes, that would be better, and avoids a string object creation as well.


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