[Python-Dev] Postponing acceptance of PEP 426

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 01:31:19 CET 2013

The feedback I have received (both on-list and in response to some
off-list queries to specific people) tells me that PEP 426 isn't quite
ready for acceptance yet.

Things I'll be working on or facilitating over the next few weeks:

- documenting an overall transition plan to put the new metadata
format in context
- clear acceptance criteria in PEP 426, primarily a list of specific
projects and individuals that I have requested endorsement from before
I am willing to accept the PEP
- adding entry-points to PEP 426
- some more adjustments to PEP 426 for improved pkg_resources compatibility
- some adjustments to PEP 426 for easier translation to
JSON-compatible structured data
- PEP for a standardised approach to metadata caching in installation databases
- draft PEP for adding distlib to Python 3.4
- draft PEP for automated conversion of PEP 426 metadata files to
JSON-compatible structured data

This postpone does mean the initial wheel rollout in various projects
will be based on metadata 1.2 + the Provides-Extra field (and
associated environment marker change), rather than being cleanly based
on metadata 2.0. I can live with that - that part of the PEP is *not*
open to change, but there are other legitimate concerns that need to
be addressed before I declare the PEP accepted.


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