[Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] peps: Pre-alpha draft for PEP 435 (enum). The name is not important at the moment, as

Ethan Furman ethan at stoneleaf.us
Sat Feb 23 17:41:18 CET 2013

> eli.bendersky <python-checkins at python.org> wrote:
>> +Ordered comparisons between enumeration values are *not* supported.  Enums are
>> +not integers!

class WeekDays(Enum):
     SUNDAY      = enum(doc='last day of the weekend')
     MONDAY      = enum(doc='back to work!')
     TUESDAY     = enum(doc='ho hum day')
     WEDNESDAY   = enum(doc='rounding the bend!')
     THURSDAY    = enum(doc='almost Friday!')
     FRIDAY      = enum(doc='last day!')
     SATURDAY    = enum(doc='sleeping in...')

So you're saying that MONDAY should not come before TUESDAY??


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