[Python-Dev] [Python-checkins] peps: Pre-alpha draft for PEP 435 (enum). The name is not important at the moment, as

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Feb 25 02:40:00 CET 2013

On Feb 23, 2013, at 04:02 PM, Stefan Krah wrote:

>> +Ordered comparisons between enumeration values are *not* supported.  Enums
>> are +not integers!
>Hmm. I think this limits interoperation with C libraries and prototyping
>C code.

This is mostly a red-herring.  flufl.enum values are C-level int compatible
without actually *being* ints.


static PyObject *
intcompat_printint(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
    int value;
    if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "i", &value))
        return NULL;

    printf("and the value is: %d\n", value);

>>> from _intcompat import *
>>> printint(7)
and the value is: 7
>>> from flufl.enum import make
>>> Colors = make('Colors', 'red green blue'.split())
>>> printint(Colors.green)
and the value is: 2

Full module code is here:


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