[Python-Dev] Announcing PEP 436: The Argument Clinic DSL

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Tue Feb 26 01:11:23 CET 2013

Following up on a conversation on python-dev from last December:


I'm pleased to announced PEP 436, proposing Argument Clinic for adoption 
into the CPython source tree.


Argument Clinic itself hasn't changed much in the intervening three 
months; I did add a prototype extension mechanism for adding user types 
at runtime, and I allow writing the generated code to a separate file.  
The PEP is adopted out of the "clinic.txt" included with the prototype, 
updated and with a new rationale.

For what it's worth, the bug tracker issue is here:


I'm guessing python-dev is the right place for the ten-thousand-foot 
view topics: the merits of the specific proposed DSL syntax, the 
possible runtime extension API, and the approach as a whole.  So for now 
let's just use the bug tracker issue for code reviews and the like.

The prototype implementation is checked in here:


as well as being posted to the above issue on the tracker in patch form.

I look forward to your comments,

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