[Python-Dev] High volumes and off topic discussions

Maciej Fijalkowski fijall at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 12:36:10 CET 2013


I know this is a hard topic, but python-dev is already incredibly
high-volume and dragging discussion off-topic is making following
important stuff (while ignoring unimportant stuff) very hard.

For example in a recent topic "cffi in stdlib" I find a mail that says
"we have to find a sufficiently silly species of snake". It's even
funny, but it definitely makes it very hard to follow for those of us
who don't read python-dev 24/7. Would it be reasonable for python-dev
to generally try to stay on topic (for example if the thread is called
"silly species of snakes", I absolutely don't mind people posting
there whatever they feel like as long as I'm not expected to read
every single message).


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