[Python-Dev] mingw32 port

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 31 00:49:38 CET 2013

[No, I'm not interested in the port myself]

patches for a mingw32 port are floating around on the web and the python bug
tracker, although most of them as a set of patches in one issue addressing
several things, and which maybe outdated for the trunk. at least for me
re-reading a big patch in a new version is more work than having the patches in
different issues. So proposing to break down the patches in independent ones,
dealing with:

 - mingw32 support (excluding any cross-build support). tested with
   a native build with srcdir == builddir. The changes for distutils
   mingw32 support should be a separate patch. Who could review these?
   Asked Martin, but didn't get a reply yet.

 - patches to cross-build for mingw32.

 - patches to deal with a srcdir != builddir configuration, where the
   srcdir is read-only (please don't mix with the cross-build support).

All work should be done on the tip/trunk.

So ok to close issue16526, issue3871, issue3754 and suggest in the reports to
start over with more granular changes?


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