[Python-Dev] stat module in C -- what to do with stat.py?

Christian Heimes christian at python.org
Fri Jun 21 18:29:27 CEST 2013

Am 21.06.2013 17:47, schrieb Benjamin Peterson:
> <hat kind="pypy">
> Kill it. I would argue having incorrect constants makes the
> implementation incompatible with CPython anyway. This not that much
> work (as long as there are tests that the constants exist at least) to
> emulate.
> </hat>

My patch adds extensive tests for all features of the stat module. The
test check the existence of attributes and the return value of all
functions. A missing or ill-defined attribute is going to raise an error.

But see for yourself: http://hg.python.org/cpython/rev/f8ff61f44aca


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