[Python-Dev] Issue 4199: combining assignment with global & nonlocal

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Sun Jun 30 00:00:23 CEST 2013

Issue 4199 begins with a self-explanatory comment:

      PEP 3104 says that the nonlocal and global statements should
      allow a shorthand. ("global x; x = 3" == "global x = 3") This
      patch implements that.

Benjamin posted his patch on 2008-10-24.  It got postponed to 3.2
because it was too late for 3.1, and then to 3.3 because 3.2 still
fell under the language moratorium, and then was forgotten for 3.3.

Georg Brandl and Jeremy Hylton raised some issues with the patch and
with the PEP's specification:

We've gone five years in 3.x without supporting this statement form.
Is it still worth implementing it for 3.4?  Or should the issue simply
be closed (and maybe a note added to the PEP that "we didn't do this
after all")?


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