[Python-Dev] Introducing Electronic Contributor Agreements

Brian Curtin brian at python.org
Mon Mar 4 17:30:12 CET 2013

The full announcement is at
but a summary follows.

We've now moved to an electronic Contributor License Agreement form at
http://www.python.org/psf/contrib/contrib-form/ which will hopefully
ease the signing and sending of forms for our potential contributors.
The form shows the required fields whether you're signing as an
individual or a representative of an organization, and removes the
need to print, scan, fax, etc.

When a new contributor fills in the form, they are emailed a copy of
the form and asked to confirm the email address that they used (and
received that copy at). Upon confirming, the signed form is sent to
the PSF Administrator and filed away.

The signature can either be generated from your typed name, or you can
draw or upload your actual written signature if you choose.

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