[Python-Dev] Add PyDict_GetItemSetDefault() as C-API for dict.setdefault()

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Thu Mar 7 08:32:59 CET 2013


I've written a patch that adds a new C-API call for dict.setdefault(). The
reason is that there is currently no way to test for a key and insert a
fallback value for it without either evaluating the hash function twice or
calling through the Python function. Both may involve considerable overhead
and the double hash may have side-effects.


It does not include an explicit test because it does not add any code over
the normal dict.setdefault() implementation, which is already tested at the
Python level. If you prefer having a dummy test that checks that the
function is there, I don't mind adding one.

Please comment and/or apply the patch.



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