[Python-Dev] Recent changes to TextIOWrapper and its tests

Jeff Allen "ja...py" at farowl.co.uk
Mon Mar 18 21:26:05 CET 2013

I'm pulling recent changes in the io module across to Jython. I am 
looking for help understanding the changes in

That change set is about what should happen if the underlying buffer 
does not return bytes when read, but instead, for example, unicode 
characters. The test test_read_nonbytes() constructs a pathological text 
stream reader t where the usual BytesIO or BufferedReader is replaced 
with a StringIO. It then checks that r.read(1) and t.readlines() raise a 
TypeError, that is, it tests that TextIOWrapper checks the type of what 
it reads from the buffer.

The puzzle is that it requires t.read() to succeed.

When I insert a check for bytes type in all the places it seems 
necessary in my code, I pass the first two conditions, but since 
t.read() also raises TypeError, the overall test fails. Is reading the 
stream with read() intended to succeed? Why is this desired?

Jeff Allen

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