[Python-Dev] PyCon Sprints - Thank you

Daniel Wozniak dan at woz.io
Wed Mar 20 20:04:19 CET 2013

David and Senthil,

I won't make it to the sprints today because my ride wants to go into 
San Francisco to do touristy things. I'll be flying back to Arizona this 
evening. I still have a fair amount of code that has not been submitted 
to the issue tracker. I will sprint from my house tomorrow and will 
submit whatever else I have ready tomorrow night.

In the future, I'd also like to continue contributing by continuing to 
improve test coverage since that is helping me get familiar with both 
the code base, style, and general processes of contributing. Thank you 
both for all your help and patience. You have been very welcoming. I am 
sure Python will continue to grow and attract new contributors so long 
as there are mentors such as yourselves there to support n00bs like me.

Thanks again,

Daniel Wozniak

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